A Piece of Home


One of the things I miss most about home is the food. After two years in Beijing, I finally found the closest equivalent of local food at Prima Taste Kitchen. I survived my time in Italy with Prima Deli instant packets of laksa and Hainanese chicken rice. This same company set up shop in Beijing three years ago in the basement of Oriental Plaza.

We ordered everything familiar on the menu and every dish took us a step closer to home.

Otah stuffed into fried dough sticks, would have tasted much fuller if they were more generous with the otah.
Mee siam, a symphony of sweet, savory and a touch of sour from the lime.


Laksa, a proven success with Prima Deli packets.

Prima Taste Kitchen. No. 1 East Chang An Avenue Unit FF03 The Malls @Oriental Plaza,
Wangfujing, 北京市东长安街1号东方新天地地铁层食通街大街FF03百胜小厨 Tel: 8518-6146

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