Alameda Beijing Lunch Rapido

Having dinner at Alameda is pricey, but their lunch sets are a steal. Enjoy delicious two courses at RMB60. We had basil foam, brie and strawberries to start, some duck, steak, salmon and vegetarian lasagne to finish.

They also do decent espressos, if you like to wrap up your meal that way.

My vegetarian lasagne was insignificant, but the basil foam, brie, strawberries, watercress starter was a beautiful mix of textures and flavours. I’m not a fan of foam, but in this case, it really did enhance the flavors of the dish.






Sanlitun Beijie, Sanlitun. Inside Nali Mall, 50m south of 3.3 Mall. 三里屯北街那里里面, 3.3服装市场南边. Tel: 6417-8084

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