Laksa: A Taste Grenade


This little eatery is a refuge for homesick Singaporeans. For those familiar with Prima Deli instant packets, Prima Taste belongs to the same company that vacuum packs the spices and authentic flavors of home in sachets for different local dishes. The eatery’s menu is simple and straightforward, which explains the steady flow of diners who return for the large bowl of hearty laksa—a curry soup based vermicelli served with either shrimp or chicken. We recommend the shrimp version as it better complements the savory gravy. The steaming bowl of coconut milk-based curry soup is a dish loaded with flavors and textures—from the complementary sides of tofu puffs to fish cakes and shrimps. Nevermind the absence of cockles, the large bowl of rich gravy gives the same feeling of a warm blanket on a winter’s night.

When ordering, don’t forget to ask for a side of sambal chili paste and if you like, some Vietnamese coriander, more commonly known as laksa leaves in Singapore or duan kesum in Malay. If you’re a fan of Singaporean food or rich Southeast Asian flavors, a visit to Prima Taste is mandatory.

Prima Taste Kitchen. No. 1 East Chang An Avenue Unit FF03 The Malls @Oriental Plaza,
Wangfujing, 北京市东长安街1号东方新天地地铁层食通街大街FF03百胜小厨 Tel: 8518-6146

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