Kong Yiji Beijing: Huaiyang Cuisine


The last time my mother and grandmother was in town, we went to Kong Yiji, a traditional Chinese restaurant tucked in a courtyard not far from houhai. A Chinese foodie friend recommended it for its classical Chinese dishes, but we weren’t particularly impressed. The restaurant’s name is derived from a drunken character in a story by prolific writer, Lu Xun.

We ordered a range of dishes and one of their signature dishes—drunken prawns that came jumping in a bean paste alcoholic gravy.

Drunken Prawns from Juliana Loh on Vimeo.

The karmic issue of eating live animals is a constant topic of debate and activists constantly give me a ear-ful.

In any case, these prawns were edible at best.

I wouldn’t particularly recommend the food here, but the ambience is lovely, complete with bamboo garden and perhaps a lovely spot to take out of towners.

Kong Yiji 孔乙己
South Bank of Houhai,south of Deshengmenqiao. 后海南岸, 德胜门桥南

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