Chocolate Tempura & Meringues


Although this looks a little scarey like the evil trees in the woods of children storybooks, this chocolate tempura dessert is an absolute must order. Chocolate ganache is fried in chocolate tempura batter served with a side of vanilla mint ice cream. I’m not a fan of mint in my ice cream, so I’d recommend ordering this with a side of vanilla ice cream.

This dessert is certainly not for one on a first date as you have to eat it a little barbarically to really enjoy it—no meek little bites here, put the whole chocolate ganache ball into your mouth and it’ll explode with rich goooey chocolate upon first bite.


If you’re not a fan of chocolate, I guarantee you’d like the meringue. Yes I’ve been doing nothing but eating desserts at this restaurant since it’s right round the corner from my office!

1/F, Tongli Studio, Sanlitun Houjie,
near 3.3

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