International Day of Italian Cuisines 2010: The Real Tagliatelle al Ragu Bolognese

With migration and an ever-evolving food culture today, Italian cuisine has been bastardised beyond the purists imagination. Somehow cream found its way to the spaghetti carbonara and people have associated the dish with cream since forever. Rarely can we find it done the authentic way, filled with the gooey goodness of egg.

So, next year (just a few days away!) on January 17, 2010, Italian chefs all around the world will demonstrate what a real bolognese sauce is. Forget the bastardised versions of “spag bol” that everyone whips up on the spur of the moment.

Photo via It Chefs & Co GVCI.

Some trivia:

January 17 is a date of great symbolic importance. It’s the day of the catholic feast of Sant’Antonio Abate, one of the most popular saints of Italy, the patron of domestic animals, but also of butchers and salami makers. On this day, according to tradition, the Italian Carnival begins, that period of the year during which, since unmemorable time, it’s “licet insanire,” transgressions are tolerated and good, rich food is celebrated and, along with this: cooking.

On this side of the world in China, here are chefs that will take part:
Giancarlo Biacchessi, Biscotti Restaurant- Sofitel Silver Plaza Hotel, Jinan
Armando Bonadonna, Beata Te’ Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan
Armando Capochiani, Venexia Restaurant, Shanghai
Roberto Cimmino, Avanti Restaurant- Pan Pacific Hotel, Suzhou
Marino D’Antonio, Sureno Restaurant, Beijing (hoooray!)
Armando Galantucci, Isola Bella Restaurant, Shanghai
Simonetta Garelli, Giovanni´s- Sheraton Hongqiao, Shanghai
Stefano de Geronimo, Prego Restaurant, Shanghai
Valter Gosatti, Rose Restaurant – Furama Hotel, Dalian
Marco Maggio, Prego Restaurant- Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites Landmark, Shenzhen
Corrado Michelazzo, VaBene Restaurant, Xintiandi, Shanghai
Stefano Pace, Acqua Restaurant- Gran Melia Hotel, Shanghai
Giovanni Parrella, Grand Hyatt, Beijing
Domenico Patruno, Alla Torre Restaurant, Shanghai
Vincenzo Pezzilli, Agrilandia Organic Farm and Casale Restaurant, Beijing
Samuele Rossi, Rossio Restaurant, MGM Grand Macau, Macau
Ilario Turri, Capri Restaurant at the Sheraton Dameisha Resort
Jennifer Prescott, Riviera Restaurant, Dalian *

Read more on the International Day of Italian Cuisines here.

UPDATED: I went to <ahref=””target=”blank_”>Sureño for Sunday brunch and had a taste of the real Bolognese.



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