Akita Sake Dinner With Yuki-no-Bosha Sake Brewer

Yet another terribly delayed post. I was at a sake dinner recent at Sake Manzo, one of my favourite Japanese places in town. Taka, owner of Sake manzo and all time sake maestro is the best person to harass regarding anything Japanese food/drink related. I have to admit that I was not a fan of Akita cuisine and did not enjoy the 7 course meal in its entirety.

However, I really enjoyed learning about how sake is made and the different grains involved that yields different flavours, grades and quality of sakes. That evening, we had shots of Yuki-no-Bosha Daiginjo “Akita Sake Komachi” (sweet and strong and my favourite of the evening), Yuki-no-Bosha Yamahai Junmai and the Yuki-no-Bosha Hiden Yamahai (Junmai Ginjo).

Because I was pulling a semi-long face picking at my dinner I wasn’t quite enjoying and slightly drunk because I was drinking and not eating, I can barely remember the experience. My bad. I do remember dessert which was a little plate of rock hard biscotti that you need to keep in your mouth, until it absorbs your saliva, breaking it down into a soft mush before you can proceed to enjoy it. It’s like holy communion without the spiritual aspect. The rock hard biscuits were sweet and beany with a hint of green tea when wet. It was not palatable to say the least.


Morokoshi, (rock hard holy communion biscuits) and traditional sweets in Akita.

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