Beijing's Village Market

The fair was interesting and a little strange—organic produce meets, MSG-filled Chinese noodles, meets instant packets of all sorts of food flavourings for specific Chinese dishes. Then there was a basket of oversized bread as large as bolsters waiting to be held, courtesy of Agrilandia, an Italian owned organic farm in the suburbs.



Delicious bowl of cold noodles swimming in MSG at the farmers market.

And a hot dog stand

I was disappointed to say the least because I was expecting to return home with grocery bags filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, but the variety of goods to buy was sparse. I did however, pick up more Yellow Valley Gouda and some local Chinese gorgonzola that lacked a personality. Nonetheless, baby steps for a start. The local cheese company, Le Fromager de Pékin run has teamed up with Wondermilk that works with the local Huaxia Dairy farm, for this local cheese making initiative. Some day in the future, we will not have to cart suitcases of cheese back from Europe anymore. I passed on the camembert because the taste reminded me of the Vet’s clinic…

Later that evening, I went to La Fête de la Bretagne and I was really looking forward to having some great crêpes. Instead, I found and ate jianbing masquerading as severely underdressed crêpes with nutella so sparingly spread it made me sad.


Zero points for effort! They could have at least got into Brittany striped T-shirts to add to the atmosphere.

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