I think I’ve had enough. 3 major migrains in 2 weeks and a list of tasks and things I planned to do. I went to bed with a migrain last night and woke up with one. And then I just popped more pills and tried to sleep it off. I’m in the prime of my life and I should not be living my weekends in bed.

According to the dailymail, “The most common triggers were stress or tension (68 per cent), followed by hormonal migraines linked to periods (42 per cent), tiredness (28 per cent), certain foods or drinks (18 per cent) and bright lighting (12 per cent).

New research has also found migraine sufferers who indulge in a weekend lie-in are more likely to suffer an attack than those who get up with the lark.”

With all grounds covered, exercise, sufficient sleep and water, regular meals and less alcohol, the reason for my frequent migrains becoming more regular can only be the cause of pollution. And this is really time for me to reconsider living in this poisonous place after 3 years.

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