Saltwater Tofu recipe

7 steps to attempt your own homemade tofu:

1. Start with organic, non-GMO soybeans.
2. Soak them one night in water.
3. Grind them to make soybean mash.
4. Steam the mash with water to make soy milk.
5. To the fresh soymilk, add nigari (very concentrated sea water) and steam together again.
6. The salt causes the soymilk to curdle like cheese. Pour the semi-formed curdles into a cheesecloth covered mold and press the remaining water out.
7. After cooling down, keep the tofu stored in ice water to keep the texture and taste.

Six sauces: seafood based X.O, salted chive, black sesame, garlic-ginger, fermented tofu, Japanese soy sauce

I’m not sure how easy it is to find non genetically modified soy beans in Beijing… and don’t have recommendations as yet.


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