Food Movie: Dumplings by Fruit Chan


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This is one of the craziest films I have seen in a very long time, but I loved the way it was shot, the vivid colours, the old charm of Hong Kong and stories I grew up with. My grandmother and mother were great at telling spooky stories like these when we were kids. I attribute my wild imagination to these childhood tales.

So, I won’t give away the plot of dumplings, but it’s basically eating fetus dumplings to stay forever young. And they are best eaten at 5 months old, with soft crunchy bones. The scenes are vivid and real, sound effects fantastic—complete with sound of chewing and swallowing (bits of fetus) which gives me goose bumps. The food preparation scenes are great, wide angles and great perspective shots.

Understandably the youtube video’s embedded link has been disabled given its content.

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