Canteen Diary 101012/101014/101019

I’ve neglected the blog for too long and my content is piling up, which defeats the whole purpose of blogging with the lack of immediacy. It’s 1am and I’ve spent 14 hours at work, but I am determined to practice the “what did you do for yourself today?” mantra for my work/life balance.

I haven’t been faithful to my canteen lunches and I actually kind of miss them. The quality has also improved since my two week or so absence dining there regularly.
Bonus sweet and sour chicken (or General Tsou chicken), pumpkin clear sugary soup with a side of salty greens and spicy cauliflower with noodles that look like slugs.

Overall satisfaction: 6/10
Fried chicken was also a bonus, they were boneless this time and almost like Chinese KFC. I doused it in diluted Chinese mayo. We live in a country of compromise..just like slow internet, if any. Seaweed (top right) was slimey and squishy salvaged by smokey fatty pork. And a side of fresh stir fried sprouts.

Over all satisfaction: 6/10
A very average canteen meal, but bonus point for yin yang balance given that everyone is ill these days at the turn of the seasons and the bitter winter has set in while comforting national heating hasn’t.

Spicy gongbaojiding alongside a winter melon soup with meat balls and a white fungus rock sugar soup (to balance the spice and heatiness 上火)

Overall satisfaction: 4/10


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