Canteen Diary 101108/101109/101111

Forgot my memory card the other day, but I think the lomo effect actually makes it look better. Dumplings are always good, the side of fried glass noodles with bean sprouts are even better. I think the image looks better in a way, what do you think?
(taken with my colleague’s S90. I kind of regret not getting that instead because it’s so impact and appears to take better photos!)

Overall satisfaction: 6/10

Deep fried meatballs dry and chewy to the core, reeked of lard that were the next best thing to salty spinach. The lower right dish was a piece of mutant chicken flesh (surely with hormonal injections) with chewy glass noodles that look like slugs.

Overall Satisfaction: 2/10


Pumpkin congee, sprouts, chicken nuggets and a side of seaweed (for good skin as all my colleagues say but it tastes awful)

Overall Satisfaction: 4/10

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