Canteen Diary 101202/ 101206


The food has been pretty good of late. Maybe the catering company is also preparing for their annual appraisal review for next year’s contract. We had 炒饼 (rice flour noodles sliced thinly and fried) the other day at lunch with greasy chicken skewers with some cartilage for a nice crunch. Stir fry of mixed vegetables was simple and delicious.

Over all satisfaction: 6/10


Another bonus lunch. We had Chinese calamari with black pepper, a savory sauce with beans and fried onions. Calamari was crispy on the outside, tender inside and very tasty. Potato dish was served alongside lean pork that tasted like meat and not weird textured things in disguise.

Overall satisfaction: 6/10 (only because of the calamari!)

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