Transit: Contemporary Sichuan

This restaurant at the Village North is stunning. I finally made my way to try out the food that I heard plenty of good things about. I loved that every little detail was thought through, from the interiors to dining ware. The koushiu ji made from organic chicken was amazing, even though the fibres a little tough from a well exercised chicken—might have been a good idea to slice against the fibres so it’d be less chewy, otherwise everything was perfect.



I grew up eating the sweet version of 豆花daofa—super smooth and soft, it was my first time trying out the savory garnish with it, that was interesting with all sorts of textures. Still, I prefer daofa only with syrup and for breakfast. I remember we always had to eat them on the spot in the mornings so it wouldn’t curdle.

With a Sichuanese chef from Luzhou, the dishes were quite heavily representative of his regional city, including a plate of stir fried broccoli with carrots carved like bamboos in a lemongrass tasting oil, coming from a seed native to luzhou.




Amaaazing glutinous rice coated pork ribs. 糯米排骨, best part is that it isn’t greasy and alot tastier than the typical chicken versions.

A modern twist to dandan mian, eating it with a slice of lemon, which is a refreshing take to this dish, balancing all that spicy tongue numbing sensation.

Our only let down was the dessert of canned lychees with passionfruit yogurt, given the overpowering sweetness of the lychees, I could barely taste the passionfruit.

Transit Restaurant
N4-36, Sanlintun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District
Open daily 6-10pm, opening for lunch after March 2011
Tel:6417 9090

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