Les Fêtes: L'atelier de Robuchon Hong Kong (2*) & Chez Nous

I’ve fully adjusted to the world of work/life balance and am filling it with lots of activities on top of the challenges at work. I couldn’t be happier—I’m glued to the internet all day, writing strategies and plans, pretty much doing everything I love, live and breath on a daily basis—only now I am doing it full time, instead of in the wee hours after a 14-hour work day. :)

The past few weeks have been busy, I’m exercising often, eating well and learning lots of new things. So far so good, adhering to the 30 by 30 rule of learning and doing lots of new things—muay thai, jewellery making, light photography, tennis, signing up for my 2nd degree French diploma (DELF) and charting a half marathon mini training route. Time flies, it’s almost the end of April and I’d really like to do as much as I can, with the luxury of more free time! I’ve gotten lazy given the immediacy of sharing via tumblr, instagram and twitter.

Last month, chef and I celebrated our 30th, a week apart and Chef’s family and friends came to visit and threw him another party.
Open kitchen of L’atelier de Robouchon, currently one of my favourite restaurants, much prefer the ambience here than Le Jardin and the price tag is naturally alot friendlier.
This giant turbot served us 7…a separate entry on that when I sit down to collect my thoughts.

Out of this world experience: cherry wood smoked oyster with caviarfoie gras (see the little flakes on top) and a squid ink emulsion, smokey, subtly fruity, rich and full of the flavours of the sea distilled in a shell.

Spread of cold cuts and cheeses.
Nothing like homemade pâté par M. Deschamps, who goes hunting in his free time.
Yum.. rillette de Mans, rillette de Ballan Miré (in Tours where chef is from) and pickles.

(flashback to nino ferrer’s les cornichons song that our teacher had used as material in class)

Krug 1998, probably once in my lifetime.
The makeshift birthday cake, one can never have enough of portuguese egg tarts. We got these from Lord Stow’s bakery in The Venetian, Macau.
Cirque du Soleil’s Zaia @ The Venetian Macau


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