Gong Hei Fatt Choi, Year of The Water Dragon 2012

I spent all of last night reading horoscopes. I do that every year, in fact my mother and late grandmother used to consult the almanac all the time and every year my mother buys the latest book of Chinese horoscopes to get an idea of how the year will pan out. I’ve spent a few Chinese New Years away from home but this year I particularly missed it. I’m going to book my flights home way in advance for the following years to avoid astronomical prices.

Last year, I was wrapping up my 4 years in Beijing to move to Hong Kong and my friend V invited me to join her and her visiting parents for a huge homemade dinner. This year, I spent reunion dinner with chef and wandered around Macau most of today, catch the dragon lion dance and took the camera out with H. I also tried a traditional Portuguese egg tart at Ou Mun Cafe in Sanmalou on the Macau peninsula, unlike the Po tarts we all know. This one had a nice bouncy texture that reminded me of canelé without any butter crust or custard filling. I quite welcomed the different experience.

CNY water dragon macau

Everyone feels much more positive about this dragon year and the horoscopes all read well for all 12 zodiac signs, some better than the others, but none too bad.

It was a challenging 2011 filled with good things and I’m really looking forward to 转运 an upside change in fortunes this year.

Gong Hei Fatt Choi everyone!

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