Malayan Night Cookout

HK AG cookout
A way overdue update. I cooked a chicken curry at our foodies crew Malayan night. I was meant to cook 3-4 dishes with M, native of Penang, but on a weekday night and wrapping up work late, I only managed time for a simple curry and M was a great sport to do the rest of the menu as she had the day off. Lucky lady! I have new found respect for working mothers who still make it home to prepare a meal from scratch for the kids so they would eat well and none of the processed food from cans and the frozen section of the supermarket. Someday, I want to be an awesome mum like that. No shortcuts! Well, okay maybe a little, cheating with the pre-made pastes when it comes to cooking Asian. ;)

My mother’s version of a nonya chicken curry. She always puts in green beans and cabbage. This time I only added green beans which reminds one of the lontong gravy.


M made assam fish, okra (ladies’ fingers) to dip in sambal, pineapple assam prawns and we cheated and ordered satay as well as bubur chacha from Sabah restaurant. The satays were great, but the burbur chacha was really just bland coagulated coconut milk with bits of sweet potato and sago. This was a traditional Malay dish my grandmother and mother made all the time, so I’m definitely never having that dessert from Sabah restaurant again.

okra/ ladies finger to be dipped in sambal

assam prawns with pineapples
sambal prawns

Roti prata, they sell frozen ones at Park n Shop and it’s pretty good!
AG cookout

Assam fish with okra :)

All these lovely dishes made possible by cheating with pre-made assam and curry packets!


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