Recipe: Making Singapore Curry Puffs Epok Epok

This is a recipe from the Malay grandma of a my good friend R. Epok Epok is the malay name for curry puffs and they are sold in most hawker centres and mom and pop shops.

curry puffs

My fillings turned out great and tasty,but I failed miserably at having a lovely crust. I also attempted to be healthy by baking it instead of deep frying it in oil. The texture turned out more calzone than curry puff shortcrust! I am going to make another attempt with filo puff pastry which will yield a different type of curry puff.


500 gm plain flour 3 tablespoon butter
40 ml cooking oil
200 ml warm water
1/2 tsp salt to taste

4 hard boiled eggs sliced

500g minced beef or chicken breast diced (you can replace this with canned sardines and onions)

1 large onion diced


4 large potatoes boiled

A can of peas

1 cinnamon stick

2 cardamon

1 star anaise

curry powder

100ml of coconut milk

Directions for fillings:

1. Stir fry diced onions in wok, add in potatoes (already boiled and precooked)

2. add in minced beef

3. add curry powder, cinnamon, star anaise and cardamon, add salt to taste and a dash of water so the paste isn’t dry and getting burnt

4. add in peas and coconut milk. it should have a thick paste consistency

5. add in sliced hard boiled eggs and mix


Directions for dough:

1. Melt butter in cooking oil. Till all melt and combined. Set aside to cool slightly only.

2. Add hot oil and melted butter into flour and stir using wooden spoon. Be careful oil mixture can be hot here.

3. Slowly add water bit by bit to knead dough till non sticky consistency and soft dough. Do not have to add all the water if you have reached the consistency.

4. Leave dough to rest for 20minutes.

5. Weigh each dough to 20 gm and shape into balls.

6. When ready, flatten dough will rolling pin (to thickness of your preference. Not too thin nor thick.)

7. Add filling and fold the sides. Or use the back of a fork to close the sides.

8. Deep fry into hot oil.

Makes about 24 large curry puffs.


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