Loire Valley Adventures in France

loire valley chateau d'artigny

(complete untouched, no photoshop or touch up done to this photo taken on a gorgeous sunny day)

I’m very fortunate to be part of the annual summer holidays ritual going home to the Loire Valley that I only used to know from my French Reflects textbook while I was doing my DELF exams and am signing up for the B1 second diploma this October.

tours soligny airport

tours truffle canapes

It’s at the heart of French antiquity and beauty with castles, amazing fresh produce, beautiful blue skies in the vast countryside and less commercial but just as amazing vineyards compared to Burgundy and Bordeaux.

Every summer, we eat and drink, way too much, but that’s a big slice of happiness-overdosing on homemade pork rillette, St Maure goat’s cheese and lots of wines from Vouvray, Chinon and le haute-lieu all the best produce from the region. :)

Gourmet highlights included delicious homecooked meals of seabass, mussels and one of the best went stopped by the one michelin starred Les Hautes Roches for lunch in the troglodyte Relais & Chateaux and had dinner at Oliver Arlot’s one michelin starred restaurant in Montbason.

Merci beaucoup encore à J & M Deschamps pour vos accueil.

Here’s a slideshow of what we got up to this Summer with family and friends.

Created with flickr slideshow.

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