Macau Bites: Veng Kei Tofu & Noodles

tofu noodles macau

This little hole in the wall serves up what good soup noodles are made of – thick home made pork ribs broth, and a variety of noodles (bought from the store next door. – the local noodle maker) and hand made super smooth tofu, and  imperfect but oh so tasty fish balls.

vengkei tofu and fishballs

They specialise in tofu here. Most locals come here for noodles and dessert, 豆腐花 beancurd topped with ginger syrup, soya bean milk drink all made daily. I always order the tofu fishball noodle soup. Everything here is made fresh daily, and the fishballs are really minced fish rolled together – non of the processed synthetic stuff we’ve grown so used to.

The shop started on the street when the founder (and old couple in their 70s) were selling beancurd from their pushcarts in the 1960s Macau, and the shop is run by their offspring, all 3-4 generations of them. Sometimes you see the great grand children hanging around in their school uniform tracksuits. :)

vengkei macau noodle shop

One of my favourite feature of this little diner is the pair of love birds in a cage that hang infront of the store. You wouldn’t miss it if you were walking down the street. There are English menus, but unfortunately service in Cantonese only.

Tel: +852 2892 1152

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