Hong Kong bites: Yardbird

yardbird hk uni
Uni made all the more exciting with panko (type of Japanese bread crumbs) and nori (seaweed), which gives the sweet creaminess some texture and layers, complementing the sea urchin’s richness.

Too many blog posts to catch up on. I come here often enough but never got round to writing about it. Now that the hype is over since they opened in 2011, I think it’s worth a shout out given how the food and service are still consistently excellent.

Yardbird came on the Hong Kong dining scene last year and remains a hit with the trendy foodie crowd, despite their no reservations policy. The menu is small and simple, featuring specials of the day and a two pager main menu. The service crew friendly and always engaged.

The menu features a range of items with an underlying modern Japanese theme, dishes range from yakitori to corn fritters, tempura and a few selection of rice. People usually don’t leave before ordering the KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower), even if you weren’t a fan of the cruciferous family of vegetables, you’ll find yourself devouring this dish!

yardbird hk corn fritters
corn fritters – simple dish but done really well, without being heavily greasy.

yardbird hk chicken skewers
Chicken skewers, you have option for white or dark chicken meat, and a whole string of other delicious items like chicken cartilage, hearts and livers on skewers.

chicken skin egg rice
If you plan on ordering the rice, the chicken and egg dish is probably best – a kind of claypot risotto hybrid served with a raw egg that you mix into the rice. This one is filled with deep fried chicken skin. It’s crispy, tasty and rich all at once in the mix.

There’s no service charge, but diners are encouraged to tip. The beverage menu isn’t extensive but you’ll find great wines by the glass as well as a range of quality sakes.

A meal for two typically comes up to 500-800HKD+ having drinks by the glass, without ordering bottles of sake.

33-35 Bridges Street, Sheung Wan
上環33-35 必列者士街
Tel: +852 2547 9273

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