Macau Walks

macau doors

14 months in Macau which hasn’t exactly been easy with the paradigm shift in my life. The most asked question in recent years: How on earth did I end up here? I quit my life as I knew it in Hong Kong, career and all and moved to Macau for love, registered a startup that I run out of home with a Hong Kong registered base and I’m paddling hard every day to make it work. I’ve been most fortunate with global clients that I have had the privilege to add to my portfolio.

Macau fits its stereotype of sleepy casino town complete with gaudy bright neon signs and an enclave for the wealthy Mainland Chinese. The social life as a single or couple, if you don’t yet have children is as exciting as counting peanuts in a bowl.

macau dried fish

But then, there are the amazing walks, endearingly ugly but charming architecture, the poorly thought through (if at all) urbanisation of the city – faint marks of the Portuguese rule and randomness of Macau that make brilliant photo opportunities that tell so many stories. The food and the respect for local produce – it reminds me of Singapore in the 80s that I grew up, fresh grated coconut for coconut milk for curries and desserts, freshly made various types of tofu and fresh rice flour pohpiah skins and cheong fun (rice flour noodles garnished with peanut and sweet soy sauce) made daily.

dried fish macau

chee cheong fun macau

macau doors and colours

macau colours

macau graffitti


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