Eating Out: Noite e Dia Café Macau

Noite e Dia, which means Night and Day packs in a broad variety of breakfast options to late night and mid-day snacks. Dishes are all served a la minute, with the exception of the dinner buffet. I’ve passed by the 24-hour all day dining cafe many times and finally had some lunch there. The menu that spans everything from Salads to Portuguese egg tarts, Western burgers and sandwiches to dim sum and Macanese specialties.

It’s really easy to get too comfortable and to keep going back to our favourite places, but I’ve made it a point to keep trying out new places. Both the Lisboas are home to a good variety of quality food.

macau noite e dia lisboa

An all-day set at Noite e Dia includes a dim sum appetizer a la carte, a main course and dessert, featuring cute curry crab pastries and assorted dim sum (one of each)

The roast pork and charsiu mixed platter – a litus test for Cantonese roasts is done to perfection, just the right about of bite, fat and crisp crackling – full flavoured without the greasy aftermath. The assorted dim sum in the Deluxe dim sum platter offers a range of their offerings, all flavourful, though the dumpling skins a little too thick. and doughy. The deep fried taro shrimp however is worth a separate order on its own. Drinks include various types of Chinese tea and the typical Hong Kong style milk tea, alongside sodas and fresh juices and a separate wine list that hints of the hotel’s extensive fine collection. Service is friendly and catered to the Mandarin-speaking crowd.

Noite e Dia

Freguesia da Sé Praia Grande
Lobby Level, Lisboa Tower, Hotel Lisboa,
2-4 Avenida de Lisboa, Praia Grande, Macao

Tel: +853 8803 3140

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