12 Hours in Macau: Where to eat Part 2

So, you’re on a day trip from Hong Kong and wondering what to eat in Macau, where to go apart from casino to casino? I’ve led a 12 hour non stop  food tour for  heavy weight foodie Hong Kong friends and here’s our part 2 of the fun.

We started off at my favourite little cha chaan teng Pui Kei famous for their shredded chicken noodles and walnut raisins Chinese cupcakes – but what I love here is the pork chop deliciously marinated and done a perfect pork schnitzel style. Next, we headed to Café Vong Kei (link as above) for Taipa’s best milk tea according to the local old folks who live in the neighbourhood.

Many of them come here for breakfast – egg and spam on instant noodles or the pineapple poluo bao with salted butter and condensed milk sandwiched between. Also a delicious tea break snack is their local confectionary baked chiffon cakes with a thick layer of cream. The “wife biscuits” stuffed with almond/lotus paste in a flakey pastry is also worth a sharing portion.


Lunch at Dillion’s, simple set lunches featuring some of the best Macanese dishes. The minchi here is one of my favourites. A typical Macanese dish of minced beef (sometimes pork) with diced potatoes, onions fried with Worchester sauce. The roast chicken is also worth the order. Lunch sets at 88MOP includes a soup (usually caldo verde or whatever is the soup of the day), a drink and a maincourse with rice. minchee macau

Macau fooding

After lunch, we took a walk for some taro and coconut ice cream before stopping by Va Heng where I usually pick up my freshly made egg noodles and wanton skins. They also sell homemade oyster sauce here and a delish chilli sauce oil.

Coffee break after ice cream and food shopping at Terra Coffee House just by the Cathedral before heading back to Taipa Village’s new hot spot Casa de Tapas for pre-dinner drinks. Dinner was a local modest stir fry place Xin Tao Tao Jiu Jia 新陶陶酒家 (right next to Casa de Tapas Tel: +853 2882 7065) where even high rollers and celebrities pull up in limos to dine here. The menu runs the gamut from usual stir fry dishes, steam fish to sharks fin and abalone done in as many ways as you can imagine.

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