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This is probably one of the best trips I’ve had in a long while with friends that included a trip to Harry Potter Studio! As we get older – schedules get more challenging to for a get away together and weddings seem to be the only opportunity to meet these days!

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun – in the brilliant company of old friends as we get up to the usual shenanigans and HARRY POTTER at the Warner Brothers Studio London, a core part of our early 20s as we transitioned from university kids to adults – so much nostalgia and a deep rich past that I have learnt to treasure and make peace with.

harry potter quiddich

J.K Rowling truly brought magic back into our jaded world and I’m definitely coming back to do the tour if and when I do have kids – right now to rewatch and re-read all those Potter films and books!

harry potter hogwarts
hogwarts london

The Warner Brother’s Studio is huge and I am unable to find the right words to describe the magic that goes into making those Harry Potter movies and over a decade later, I am still marvelling at the genius of J.K Rowling who brought magic into our mundane world.

Harry potter potions room
harry potter quibbler
diagon alley
diagon alley london

Apart from the green screen fun – the graphic design section was one of my favourites – an open brief and probably every art director/graphic designer’s dream working on that project.

I highly recommend doing this tour. We drove from central London which took us about 30 minutes and headed straight to the airport after, which took us another 30 mins to get to Heathrow T5.

You have to book your tickets way in advance online – we took the group pass and paid £40 each, it comes with a digital guide that gives you the breakdown in details and comes together with little videos with the producers and set designers.

Here’s the whole wonderful world of Potter in this slideshow.

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