Pet Adoption: From Beijing stray to Macau's shyest cat

Meet Smudge, my tuxedo cat. I’ve never had a cat my entire life and would never expect that fostering a cat I never saw for the first 3 months would lead to me adopting her and bring her across different countries – usually paying an arm and leg for the pet relocation.

So Smudge is no longer the timid little tuxedo cat that I took home from a lovely lady Scarlett Zhang who runs Beijing Cat, she’s still stranger shy, but has warmed up to the husband 6 months upon meeting him while he used to drag her out of the wardrobe where she was hiding for some cuddles.

I still don’t know how to carry a cat properly and often treat her like a dog and am glad she loves me anyway.

It’s been an amazing 5 years with Smudge and I can’t be a bigger advocate on adopting strays because it truly turns your life around. Now, I just can’t wait for us to settle down somewhere so we can bring a dog home to join our little family.

If you ever adopt a pet and move around alot for work without a permanent address, please don’t leave them behind. They are family. If you need some tips on how to move your pet out of china, you’ll find this post helpful and if you’re moving from Hong Kong to Macau, here’s the full procedure.

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