Stay: Dar Sayang Villa, Marrakech Sejour

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marrakech villa dar sayang

I can never be grateful enough for the amazing life I’ve slogged very hard for in my 20s (and still slogging) and would never have imagined my 30s to be so much more eventful and exciting.  I have also been very lucky to marry a man who takes me all over the world’s to the best restaurants, keeping me well fed and watered. We stayed here over the Winter in January and another night this Summer and it’s always as amazing as ever. Waking up to homemade breakfasts and delicious tagines, salads and fresh Moroccan bread over lunch.

marrakech breakfast

mint tea

This five bedroom post modern Le Courbusier style villa is furnished with chic designer furniture, high ceilings a living area flooded with light and an outdoor pool (with jacuzzi) that extends into the interiors. You can go to Marrakech and never leave – except for maybe a little sight seeing. Bathrooms are open spaces that look over the huge garden with olive trees and colour flowers in full bloom. This goes for rent at 1,200€ per day as it’s mid seasons now in September, which actually really only works out to 120€/person if you’re 5 couples, there’s a housekeeper and throwing in some additional costs without breaking the bank you can get a driver and all your meals homecooked.

Gorgeous indoor garden letting in lots of natural light – I call this the reading corner because it’s so awesome to just read and hang out here!


aquarium garden marrakech

living room marrakech

dar sayang poolside morocco

marrakech villa living room

More details and reservation details here

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