Marrakech: Moroccan @ Le Royal Mansour

royal monceau making mint tea

Someone asked me the other day where’s the best service I’ve ever experienced and it occurred to me that I never got round to raving about our dinner at Le Royal Mansour in Marrakech. The intuitive, white glove seamless non-intrusive service – where your next thought is anticipated before you can voice it and they’re like service ninjas, you can carry on with your conversation without being interrupted. It’s truly one of the best service we’ve received, outdoing several three Michelin starred restaurants we’ve been to in France and Spain.

royal monceau moroccan food
le royal monceau marrakech

At the Moroccan restaurant at Le Royal Mansour, our server switched at ease from French to English back to French with no hesitation, made excellent recommendations and pretty much made our whole dinner experience ace.

seafood rice royal monceau
moroccan bread le royal monceau

Mint tea is prepared and served infront of you and you get to pick from the dessert chariot at the end of your meal. Portions are very generous and we over estimated ourselves ordering appetisers and mains. I’d recommend coming to dinner when you’re ravenously hungry so you can order and enjoy all of it.

It was a little too dark for me to get palatable food photos – but the four of us ordered different dishes so we got to share and pleased to report, everything was absolutely perfect.

royal monceau interiors marrakech
royal monceau marrakech moorish details

As for the hotel – you have to visit to really take it all in, the intricate details, everything so well thought through, it’s a hotelier’s dream to work in a palace like that.

A visit is definitely something we all need to fulfil to add to our visions of the 1001 Arabian night stories, magic lamps and carpets included.

Hopefully, one day we’ll have the luxury of staying here, it’s way beyond our budget in the thousands USD region per night.

royal monceau hotel
royal monceau details
royal monceau marrakech
courtyard royal monceau marrakech

Our total bill for 4 persons including 2 bottles of wine came up to 7000dirhams, the equivalent of about 700€.

Le Royal Mansour, Marrakech

Rue Abou Abbas El Sebti

40 000 Marrakech


Tel:+ 212 5 29 80 80 80

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