Eating Out Macau: Nam Peng

Nam peng sandwich

This old cha chaan teng has been around since 1966 in the same old venue and most locals young and old knows the spot and occasionally you’d see groups of Japanese or Taiwanese tourists coming to eat the famed egg omelette sandwich with spam and charsiu. It’s called the Nam Peng sandwich on the menu, but it’s better to order the charsiu egg sandwich – much better without the spam. It’s obviously become popular over the years, so there’s a bilingual menu stuck under the glass placed over the table.

They recently underwent a repaint and new air con installation, but most of its interiors remains old and charming, my favourite is the very old pulley lever machine that brings food up to the second floor.

Noodle options are slim, either macaroni in broth or rice vermicelli. I had the spicy sardines rice vermicelli soup, not so good, but enough to fill the belly.

Just have the charsiu omelette sandwich and they have batches of fresh egg tarts coming out and worth a try. They are very old school and remind me of my childhood eating bread and cakes from the Chinese confectionary. It’s not too sweet and you always get them piping hot because those old school trays can only do that many at a time.


And if you’re lucky, sometimes they have the delicious Chinese version of freshly made donuts called 沙翁 Which translates to “sandy old man” because of the generous sprinkling of white sugar frosting that makes it look both sandy and old apparently! Get one (or two) to take it on the go, or have them sur place with a hot cup of milk tea.

Nam Peng 南屏雅敘
54 Rua de Cinco de Outubro, , Macau, (if you take the bus you should get off around Ponte 16 and cross the street opposite side of the Shell petrol station)
Tel: (853) 2892-1205
Operating Hours: 0630 to 1830 daily

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