Macau coconut Ice cream: Hung Heng Cocos

Hung Heng Cocos coconut ice cream is no secret to locals and tourists, infact it’s been around since 1869 over several generations, the Macau Tourism Board has given them an honorary heritage food status. Here’s where I get freshly grated coconut for coconut milk, or if I’m lazy I buy coconut milk already pressed and always bottles of fresh coconut water to stay refreshed all day. And then a coconut ice cream to take on the go, there’s usually at least two flavours, I really like the taro one because it reminds me of Cantonese desserts, only without the extra sweetness since everything is au naturelle here and I don’t think there’s additional sugar added to the mix. Sometimes they also do mango ice cream – all so lovely, so have all three if they are available.

macao coconut ice cream

The shop is really simple, with a storefront that probably hasn’t changed over the last century – decorated and adorned with coconuts with bold red calligraphy that says double happiness (the character for marriage).

If you bought every item they sold to try, it’d still be under 100MOP


Freguesia da Sé > Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro
G/F, 14 R. da Tercena

Opening Hours:09:00-13:00 Mon – Sun
14:30-19:00 Mon – Sun

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