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I don’t know about other residents or expats living in Macau who have lived here in the long run, but I found it incredibly hard finding a good place to get hearty portion of luscious deliciously dressed salad the 2.5 years I’ve lived in Macau. While there’s plenty of fine dining restaurants and local diners serving amazing food – sometimes you just want to have a simple, fresh and tasty salad – they didn’t exist before. There are independent cafés, previously none that did it well and all day dining restaurants make unsatisfactory mediocre salads that are either overdressed or under dressed, or you get a decent salad but the portions are meagre.

I’m all for supporting independent establishments, and so pleased in the last year or so, people are risen up to the occasion to serve the needs and fill the gaps of opportunities.

Well, I suppose everyone is gearing up for summer – the weather is too hot to eat too much and for others, it’s bikini bod time round the corner again. Whatever your reason to look for a great salad in Macau, here’s the low down: tried and tested spots to get the best salads in Macau. Slim pickings, they often say, but this is such a great encouraging start to see how things are changing and growing.

1. Greens Kitchen

Your answer to detox juices, cold pressed almond milk and cold brew with almond milk. But they also serve great quiches, pies, cookies and a variety of salads to go. I am a creature of habit so highly recommend the salmon salad tossed with leafy greens featuring kale which isn’t the easiest to get at the supermarkets given the irregularity of the supplies which has got much better in the recent year. The falafel and kale salad is equally delish. If you live in Macau and are too lazy to get off the couch, dial Fai-d Fai-d to have them deliver it to your doorstep at no additional cost.  A salad and juice would cost you something like 120-150MOP which is comparable to Hong Kong prices and you know you’re getting the real deal on the food that goes into your belly – and I say this without bias even if the co-founder is a friend of mine, I don’t get any special treatment shopping there and I see how she painstakingly test recipes and choses her products as a certified health coach. :)

Large salads at 90MOP if you’re ravenous, but usually 70MOP for the small salad is a good size alongside one of their juices. You can also pick up other superfoods, gluten free foods to go on their shelves. The selection is continually growing, so be sure to check back in.

In short, Greens is Macau’s answer to your Mana slow food meets genie concept of Hong Kong.


Photos courtesy of Greens Kitchen.
Photos courtesy of Greens Kitchen.

2. Blissful Carrot

We got all excited when they opened in Old Taipa village, only in true organic style their opening hours are irregular as they often close to take trips to do sourcing for the best, which can at times be frustrating as you’ve made your way there to find it’s close or when you have an intense craving and don’t get to satisfy it. But, true to their go with the flow motto, Insha’Allah

Most recently, their kitchen has expanded – and with that more items on the menu. There’s some food in the fridge takeaway including many gluten free options, but otherwise food is made à la minute lovingly here.

Photo from Blissful Carrot's Facebook (link above)
Photo from Blissful Carrot’s Facebook (link above)

3. R bar, City Of Dreams

This is our regular go-to for a large chicken caesar salad, there’s also the option of smoked salad. Portions are large and generous and it comes with a hard boiled egg with a runny yolk and mixed of greens. This should set you back about 100MOP with a drink. If you’re feeling naughty and with friends and would like to share, I recommend the buffalo wings and the burger is also worth the calories.

4. Wynn Café Esplanada

I come here often and always order the same Cobb salad or the Mediterranean salad that comes with falafel, you can get an addition side of seared salmon for about 65MOP. Portions are huge and does it job as an appetiser and main.

wynn macau salad

5. Kuo ji Ramen

Although it’s a ramen place, they do a great tofu salad here with honey mustard sesame dressing over crispy dehydrated lotus root, fresh okra, lettuce, tomatoes and silky soft tofu.

Perfect appetiser before digging into your rich bowl of goodness. Skip the gyoza, they often come soggy and aren’t very well executed, but the signature bowl of noodles is an absolute must. If you’re headed to the Macau branch, the fried chicken drumlets coated in sesame seeds are excellent too if you’re still feeling peckish.


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