Shop: Typehype Berlin


One of the places I diligently made notes about was the TypeHype store, and sadly everything was out of our budget from 70€ posters to 50€ cushion covers… we didn’t end up buying any type chocolates either! I didn’t make it out to the typography museum, which a friend said was nice but very small – code for probably not worth your time.

I have always been a typography fan and the history and styles that evolved through time and then Steve Jobs took it to another level with Apple fonts. I’d recommend Just My Type a great and funny book on the type of fonts that help enhance and convey messages better – in the old days or perhaps to the design savvy, there are rules of thumbs on which fonts for what. If you’re a typography buff you’d find yourself laughing out loud at some points.

Love these cushion covers, but I couldn’t justify the indulgence.


Old school, drawers and drawers full of Type.


Beautiful handphone pouches, they don’t fit the iphone 6 and are made of some sort of paper like tyvex, would be awesome if they did it on leather. These are 40€ each if memory serves me right. Check out their online store for all the wonderful things they carry.


Typography on chocolates – dark and milk, could it be more sexy?


Good old pal, Yankee Doodle Chen going through everything in the entire shop we want to buy.


Berlin’s skyline in the neighbourhood, with cupid on the walls. What’s not to love? While there’s nothing like that on this scale in Macau, I found Botalic a typography print press shop that’s coming up in my next post!IMG_5172-20.44.22

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 9, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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