Eating out: Malaysian Night @ Festiva Galaxy Macau

popiah galaxy macau festiva

For all Malaysians/Singaporeans, Galaxy’s Festiva’s Malaysian night buffet, featuring regional favourites like Penang laksa, typical BBQ chicken wings with a dash of lime juice, bak kut teh, beef rendang… is an absolute must and they have extended it to Sep 20 due to overwhelming response!

Nothing like extra helpings of ou luak (oyster omelette), extra plates of char kway teow made on the spot and some kueh pie tee. There’s also a kachang puteh man riding his bike and serving peanuts in a paper cone. Then there’s the teh tarik (pulled tea) uncle going from table to table to serve you a hot cuppa tea.

festiva galaxy macau
malaysian night galaxy macau

Assorted kueh kuehs. Although the there’s a PR hip cup that sold the couple manning the stall serving up their heritage recipes, but when I asked, they didn’t know the names of the kuehs nor the fillings – so a little disappointing there.


Mangosteens, rambutans. You name it, it’s tropical paradise!IMG_7028

Free flowing fresh coconut juice, fresh durians from Thailand and Malaysia and a drinks station – help yourselves to calamansi and bandung.


And fun pastry art all around on display to celebrate Malaysia’s National day August 31. Singapore was a part of Malaya until 1965, so thankfully for all the amazing food, recipes and a cross over of cultures. Both my parents and my grandparents speak fluent Malay and I wish I had paid more attention to learn as a child, I guess Cantonese, hokkien and pigeon Malay is the best I can do for now. If I ever moved back to Singapore, I am enrolling in Malay class and should try speaking to my parents in Malay.

kueh malaysia night galaxy macau

Touch of Penang’s great street art scene. They have done a brilliant job of recreating the Malaysian vibe in the all day dining restaurant. Loved it!


If you’re worried about the value of money, the 438++ buffet for dinner also includes the usual oysters and lobster which I ate none of because there was such a spread of local delicious street food, you won’t have room to eat everything, so pick the specials on the promotional buffet spread!

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