Eating Out: APOMAC Macau


This civil servant retirement club serves up authentic Macanese cuisine and chef D. Vitoria at the helm is one of the grand dames that continue to create homestyled deliciously rich Macanese food. I took visiting Chicago friends from Fat Rice as they ate all around the country to get more inspiration for their Macanese menu.

Abe ordered pretty much almost everything on the menu. I usually come here for the minchi and oxtail stew set lunches, along with some chap chye (a stir fry of mixed vegetables, we have the exact same dish in Nonya cuisine), so it was nice to try other dishes from the stingray stew, to offals, African chicken, garlic shrimps, roast chicken to get a full idea of what Macanese food is about!

apomac macau

Pleased to say we did pretty well and there was little wastage! Here with Abraham and Adrianne of Fat Rice.



Sidonio Pais Avenue, No. 49-B, ground floor

Building China Plaza, Macau

Tel: +853 28524325


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