Eating out: Tai Hang Hong Kong

This post is a couple of months late as I ate all around checking out the new spots in this trendy bobo neighbourhood over the Summer before our France holidays. Catching up on year end housekeeping on the blog amongst other things.

If you haven’t wandered around Tai Hang neighbourhood – you should because it’s cool and full of eateries, both local and cute cafes. There’s also a Hello Kitty café on one of the streets, I haven’t been myself but haven’t heard great reviews about the food. A couple of years ago when I was still living in Hong Kong, I went to Jam bakery for a workshop with some ex colleagues and that was fun.

tai hang hong kong

Not sure how new La Famille is but it looks cute and probably fun to do a pastry workshop.


We popped into this then new hotdog spot that was always full and we didn’t have a reservation and were constantly hurried to leave before the lunch crowd came in. The verdict? It was ok, but we probably won’t be back. Eclectic menu including sweet and sour pork (goo lo). Do Not order that, it is a case of fusion gone wrong.

IMG_6272 IMG_6276

Then there was the American classic – OK

pop it tai hang hong kong

Next stop a cool tea shop called Jrink with lots of fancy apparatus. It’s the tea shop equivalent of a specialty coffee shop. Love the interiors. Had an ice matcha tea.


IMG_6278 tea tai hang hong kong IMG_6280 IMG_6282


G/F, 21 Ormsby Street, Tai Hang

Friend was raving about soft creme’s cereal soft serve with bacon bits. Wasn’t impressed. She said the standards have definitely dropped.

IMG_6290  soft creme hong kong

Soft Creme

G/F., 6-7 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang

Judging from the online reviews, this cute little spot Le Loup serves Western dishes, but more of the fusion style of Western food made by locals.


For the first time after taking countless ferries between Macau and Hong Kong the last five years, I noticed the Cotai ferries were Majorelle bleu with pops of bright yellow. Like Yves Saint Laurent’s Jardin Majorelle, one of my favourite spots in Marrakech.


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