Eating Out: Elephant Grounds Hong Kong

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Checked this out last month shortly after they opened their new Star Street precinct brunch on Wing Fung St (same street as Saigon Garçon and Oohlala). Unlike most places in Macau that open at 11am-noon, Elephant Grounds opens at 8am, so you can have breakfast and get your morning brew before heading off to work.

It’s become somewhat a routine to stop in for a babycino and Elephant Grounds coffee before we start the day on weekends.

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It’s a cute little corner space, lots of light, minimalist decor and a cosy place for Sunday brunch. Service is still spotty and I suppose the kitchen is still working out the kinks as the food is still hit or miss. Well, don’t order the corn beef, grilled cheese sandwich was more sandwich than cheese and in any circumstance, anyone would have wanted more cheese than bread. Pancakes were fluffy and just as you’d expect from a decent brunch spot.

Great coffees and a nice selection on the menu, I suppose we’d come back and hopefully they’ll work out the kinks and pace of service.

We were two and greedy, so we over ordered for three. Our bill came up to something like 300+HKD.

omotesando koffee hk

Take a 5mins walk down to Lee Tung Avenue (opposite Hopewell Centre) for the overpriced hipster Omotesando Koffee. (Shop no24-25,G/F., No.200 Queen’s Road East,Wanchai,, Lee Tung St, Hong Kong), everyone raves about their canelé equivalent, but I couldn’t find anything that fabulous to write home about. Read more about it’s Tokyo fame and how it’s caught on in Hong Kong for it’s cult coffee hipster vibe. I also tried the white chocolate matcha brownie, tad too sweet for me, but my friends love it. I had an ice coffee that was over 50HKD… and my friend ordered this airy coffee – looks amazing, tastes good, but I am not too sure about the price tag. Worth a first try in any case and make your own judgement.

8 Wing Fung St, Wan Chai, Hong KongTel:+852 2778 2700

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