Theatre and Dining: And So Forth Singapore

and so forth singapore

Here’s a fun concept by And So Forth Singapore, “If we Dream too Long” was a piece set in the 1960s by local writer Goh Poh Seng. We were treated to local food and eating while actors performed around us – very Brechtian, no fourth walls with us mingling with actors like we were all part of the plot. Well, Singaporean audience, so very tame and not much drama created for actors to react. Wish I had more theatre friends with me to disturb the monotony of actors saying lines.

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The food was provided by Chef Chung Deming (The Quarters & Kush SG), had a delish chicken curry and mee siam.


An interesting night to say the least, we start with drinks at Paradise bar with flirty hostesses and then move from room to room to start eating and move with the plot.

The moving from room to room to change scene was disruptive and the ending was abrupt as we took dessert, some delish kueh salat at Kwang Meng (the lead)’s wedding. Awkward way to end the evening, but oh well, hopefully with more performances and trial and error of what works and what doesn’t, they’d perfect the formula.

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Tickets were $80 that included a beer on the house and a 3 course dinner with fishball snacks in a beach scene. House wine was at $10/glass.

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