Eating out: Casa do Porco Preto Macau


Checked out this cute little restaurant just across from the A-Ma temple at Barra the other day with FC who always knows the coolest, newest spots! Featuring them in an upcoming piece for Travel + Leisure South East Asia’s edition on Macau.

Previously, this spot was a cha chaan teng and got a little makeover with owner Vanda Rodrigues of Casa de Porco Creto  trying to raise the bar with the quality of meats available in Macau in an independent restaurant. She gave me the low-down on farming practices they have run in her family for over 200 years in Herdade Galveias Portugal the region of Alto Alentejo known for agriculture, farming and cork production.

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The restaurant prides itself on the quality of her farm-to-table meat and produce. While it isn’t exactly slow food coming from Portugal, her focus is on the farming practices and trying to bring the level of education and quality to Macau, outside of the casino hotels with large budgets and different sources for imports.

Her farmed animals are grass fed all day, in different fields and free roaming – a traditional the family has kept running the farm over the last 200 years. The beef, pork and lamb served in the restaurant in Macau—not entirely slow food, but one can taste the richness and flavors of the meats to the homemade seasonings and marinates of red pepper (massa de pimento) herbs and olive oil to bring out the natural flavours.

The menu is large, and Vanda suggests starting with the signature “Leitão Assado” (roasted suckling pig) and “Perna de Cabrito no Forno” ( Roasted Goat leg) for an initiation.

My lunch here at their soft opening, only only regret was the portions are large and we should have ordered more meats than seafood. But we’ll definitely be back with some carnivorous friends to try the menu of beef, pork and lamb dishes.

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We had an octopus salad – odd consistency some were great, others squishy, a bountiful plate of fried sardines – delish. And the classic Bacalhau à bras which was tasty but way too greasy as the string potatoes absorbed all the oily.

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I took the leftovers home and made fried rice the next day – which was awesome. Our only meat dish we could manage was the pork neck, we had to cancel our suckling pig order – too much food for two!

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Lunch for two 400MOP (we over ordered as usual and had alot of leftovers for takeaway)

Casa do Porco Preto

Rua do Almirante Sergio,

Fong Son San Chun Bloco 5, No. 310, Barra

Tel: 853/2896-6313. 

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