Eating out: Korean in Macau


I like Korean food, but my husband has less appreciation for it, especially Kimchi that is an acquired taste. He say the smell radiates out of my pores after consuming the pickled vegetables.

There are Korean communities all over the world and they bring with them all these delicious sauces and foods. Macau has a significant Korean community considering the number of beauty salons, restaurants and Korean supermarkets that have sprung up in recent years.


That’s good news since the restaurants live up to native standards serving authentic food.

I am no Korean food expert, and have only been to Seoul twice. Mostly, I have Korean friends who endorse good flavours. If you’re in Seoul, you have to look my friend Dan up for guided tours. And if you’re in HK, Momojein is my current favourite.

Here in Macau, I go to Seoul and Arirang for Korean. Both in Taipa village with different offerings. I also really like Kokoro.

Seoul (right next to the US Mart) does some good KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), I opt for either the spicy option or honey garlic one (pic below). Then rolls and my favourites and staple order of tofu stew.



I am here for my staple tofu stew over white rice, often times I am dining here on my own,  a good and quick solo lunch for about 100MOP. With friends, we order the grilled meats, or the “hotpot”, we’ve tried the beef version as well as the sausage and kimchi hotpots. Order depending on how you feel? All are good and comes with instant noodles, not sure about MSG factor, but all so tasty!

I found the pancakes average, not entirely worth the calories, but the bibimbap is also our stable order, usually with beef. All the other rolls are pretty good too!

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