Fah Thai Magazine: Artisanal Ice Cream Icedea


I was so happy to introduce Icedea by Ice Cream Designer Prima Chakrabandhu Na Ayuthaya and all her ice cream creations as a Thai ice cream designer!


I have been following all of Prima’s creative pursuits since 2005 when we first met at Fabrica – Benetton’s creative incubator, where I wrote all sorts of stories and Prima made beautiful, amazing and tasty things in the Industrial Design department.


The Durian ice-cream is her latest creation and best seller, endorsed by the Minister of Tourism in Thailand promoting new and creative ways of “amazing Thai taste” – a tagline that embodies all the delicious local delicacies of regional Thailand.

Check out all the amazing concepts Icedea “Idea in Ice cream” comes up with.

Enjoy the full photo essay here.


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