Reading: Delirious Delhi


I love India, one of my first experiences with the craziness was landing in Delhi airport from Beijing six years ago and going home with someone else’s suitcase! More on those posts.

A good friend of mine, Miss Anabeem made Delhi her home for a couple of years, you can read her delightful blog on Delhi , I wished she still lived there because those stories are pure gold.

This book was hilarious and reminded me of all the in and outs of life in Delhi for a foreigner. There are references I get as living in China pre-olympics was a fairly new system and game to navigate for me, but thankfully without a language barrier.

I think India expats have it way more colourful in every sense of the word. And the poetic chaos that is India, something I love and think I could possibly imagine a life in India. Not my husband though.

This book is heartfelt and hilarious as Dave and his wife navigate their new life where nothing is what they’d expect, the heat, the way of life, the way or business and work etc. Definitely a piece of travel literature if you’re travelling around India!


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