Cat café: The Company of Cats Singapore


So, this is one of my happy places in Singapore. The Company of Cats! You pay by the hour and get to hang out with friendly cats. And if you luck out at feeding hour in the late afternoon, you get to see all of them come out to play!

The other secret I have is that I love their so mien noodles here and I have on many occasions come here just for the cold noodles in sesame and soy dressing served with edamame beans and topped with furikake – the umami seasoning that is sprinkled on top of cooked rice.


They are closed on Mondays, but if you like kitties and need some company, head over to Mosque street in Chinatown.

$14 for the first hour includes a drink or $10 on weekdays. And if I remember correct the bowl of large so mien noodles is something like 7-8$ and if you include a drink, about $12-14.

The Company of Cats

6B Mosque Street
Tel: +65 6220 3835

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