Eating out: Open Farm Community Singapore


Love this little spot tucked away in Dempsey. I wasn’t aware that Open Farm Community was another of chef Ryan Cliff’s projects, but a really chilled out rustic space serving up locally grown greens. The food is real and simple, tasty and the portions are fair.

open farm community singapore

I had a green pea soup served with jamon. Deliciously think and every ounce of it tasted like delicious greens grown in the tropics with plenty of sunlight. It was hearty and fresh before my main of a rigatoni pasta with stilton, mushrooms and pancetta – full bodied, rich and a little heavy balanced out by bits of mesclun greens (that I assume are also locally grown in the yard). Mr Chef started with some delicious prawns IMG_3138

Prices are as you’d expect $40 and up for a starter and main course. Service is a little aloof and spotty, but we’d definitely come back to dine. Reservations necessary as they are always packed.

It’s a little tricky to find, round the corner from Jim Thompson restaurant and a little off the beaten path where greenery is growing wild and free. The restaurant has a little cafe on the side serving sandwiches and juices and I hope to see it thrive since they opened in 2015.

Open Farm Community
130E Minden Rd

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