Eating out: Bijin Nabe Singapore


This is my friend Oli’s favourite restaurant. Chicken collagen hotpot, and what the Japanese call “beauty hotpot”. This pile of gelatinous white block melts into stock for cooking your meats and vegetables.


It was interesting but a tad too salty for me, but I’d have it every once in a while, you get the option of adding more hot water to dilute the broth till it suits your taste. Not sure if I buy into this whole collagen beauty trick, but lots of women do, so I suppose it works?!


Ramen is served at lunch using the same collagen broth base and you assemble it at the table yourself. Extra sprouts and spinach for me.


We also caved in to greed and ordered the fried chicken that came served with a mayo dressing with onions and mixed vegetables.


We’ve been to both branches at Chinatown Point and Liang Court and they are both consistent and equally good. Dining here for lunch sets you back about $30 and dinner about $40 if you order additional ingredients (we ordered extra veg) to add to the set.

If you’re into umami flavours and thick broths, then Bijin Nabe is for you. There are three kinds of noodles, we love the the Tsuru Tsuru egg noodle, there’s the thicker mochi consistency noodle and noodles made with egg white.

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