Eating Out: Liège Waffles Macao

liege waffles macaoThis was one of our best kept secret when Liege finally got the waffles dough formula right. When we first tried them at the Broadway Macao food street earlier last year, it was often times inconsistent. We’ve had them both cold and freshly made. Some days great and others not so good. I think it was teething problems and a couple of months after, it was our little secret treat, way too often.

Whatever the magic formula for the dough mixture is, the waffles are amazing.  By the time they opened their second outfit at Parknshop in Taipa, it was the guilty treat everyone has to leave the supermarket with. It takes immense self control after groceries shopping without grabbing a freshly made Belgian waffle on the way out.

Liège is named after a city in Belgium situated in the valley of the Meuse river, and well known for their waffles, apparently the most popular contemporary Belgian variety. Legend has it that it was invented during the 18th century, by the chef to the prince-bishop of Liege.

These gaufre de liege are dense and chewy, caramelised on the surface and what sets them apart from other waffles are the pearls of sugar embedded in the batter. Macao’s Liège waffles are served in both original size and miniature versions.

I highly recommend taking the original size made on the spot – it’s rich and intense; stretchy and soft on the inside, but deliciously crunchy with the caramelised shell. Chef husband who is 1/4 Belgian misses this most about Macao and has his slathered with Nutella. I love mine original, without the frills and eaten right after it leaves the iron grill!

ParknShop Taipa (right by the check out counter)
Flower City (edf. Lei Tou), Macau, R. de Évora, Macau
Macau, Shop GRH014 Broadway Macau, COTAI, Macau
Tel: +853 6693 7044
1/F, Va Iong, Praca da Amizade No.6-52 EM Macau


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