The Coconut Club Nasi Lemak Singapore: Worth The Hype?

My friend returned to The Coconut Club three times in two weeks to have this nasi lemak and the extra side order of otah ($8.50!) and the chicken set for $12.80. It made me want to check it out to find out if it’s worth the price tag. I’ve heard many people rave about it… well it’s good, but I’m really not sure if it justifies 3 times the price tag of a regular delicious nasi lemak the maciks make that cost $3-4.

I am not sure what the hype about the Coconut Club Nasi Lemak. It is tasty and delicious with a hefty price tag as you can have the same at mamak shop. Probably nice to dine in for a treat or a nice spot to take out of towners to enjoy drinks and food in a nice ambience.


The rice here is light and less “lemak” (fatty/greasy) than others, portions are generous and chicken is tender and well marinated. The otah itself was more fish than flour and paste ratio, which I am still not sure justifies the price tag. My mother used to make otah at home and I am going to attempt it myself and perhaps understand and respect the labour that goes into it…but most likely it’s the choice of fish that goes into it more than the labour, however there is no mention of the type or quality of fish – usually mackerel, in this case the aromatic spices would have covered the flavours if it was different type of upmarket fish.


Friend ordered a side of spicy la-la clams – nothing to write home about.


It was packed, and the service was negligible and we unfortunately also found a strand of hair in our kueh salat that they kindly exchanged, but we didn’t end up eating anyway… Well, sometimes these things happen, but in hindsight that stand of hair was so obvious, I wished someone had checked before it was served. Pet peeves include food served cold and hair… which is only good on one’s head…. ughh

The Coconut Club

6 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069787

Tel : +65 6635 2999

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