Eating out: Riquexo Macao For Homestyle Macanese Food


One of the oldest authentic Macanese cuisine spot in Macao, Riquexo meaning Rickshaw in Portuguese was started by centenarian Dona Aida de Jesus. She still hangs out at her little restaurant everyday, say hello to the grand dame who doesn’t look a day over 70. She is usually seated right by the cash register, usually chatting with friends or reading the papers.


The concept here is simple – a little like Singapore’s economic rice, there are several dishes for the day and you choose and place your order. I ate for two and ordered the traditional minchi as well as the tamarind pork, another typical Macanese dish.


Chef Abe of Fat Rice in Chicago was first inspired by the cuisine from Riquexo and Vice Munchies published a beautiful piece on Macanese food based on his impressions.



69 Av. de Sidonio Pais, Macao

Tel: +853 2856 5655

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