Frantzen’s The Flying Elk Stockholm


IMG_4601 We didn’t make reservation in advance at the now three Michelin starred Frantzen in Stockholm. Even chef connections when the husband rang chef Bjorn Frantzen, he didn’t have a table, but booked me in for The Flying Elk, their brasserie instead. I took the degustation menu and it was fantastic.


I love the Frantzen’s Kitchen in Hong Kong and the dishes at The Flying Elk are in equal measure tasty, interesting and a delightful discovery. It’s also a nice way to wrap up the evening walking in old town Gamla Stan, it’s a 5 min walk from the subway station.


(they serve this same macaron appetizer at Frantzen’s kitchen Hong Kong)

I was in Stockholm in the thick of winter with subzero temperatures, but the dry cold and crisp air reminded me very much of sub zero temperatures in Beijing and makes for pleasant walks outside. Well, you’d need warm snow shoes to not slip on the pavement walking outside!

Now you don’t have to go to Stockholm to go to The Flying Elk, it’s come to Hong Kong and soft opened on Tuesday night. Happy to report that it’s going to be one of our regular spots for a casual night out.

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