Travel: Stockholm 10 Things

I was in Stockholm in February for Design Week and absolutely loved the city. The tourism board site provides super useful tips on how to navigate the city and they do a fab job on instagram.

Some of my favourite places were:

  1. Fotografiska museum

Love that suggestive sculpture right outside.IMG_4339

2. Old Town Gamla Stan


3. Stockholm Cathedral Storkyrkan for the magnificent “St George slays the dragon”


4. Stockholm is a walking city, so bring comfortable shoes and walk through the different districts and islands.


5. Check out their Modern Art Museum and pop by next door to also check out Arkdes next door


6. Semla the pastry that Swedish eat before Lent, or their Mardi Gras indulgence food. The institution to get one is Vetekatten


7. Medieval museum. Popped in here and it was interesting as they recreated life in that era.


8. Not exactly a tourist site, but I stumbled upon the Protestant church Katarina and a very peaceful graveyard.


9. Swedish meatballs at Tranan… are over rated. And so are their fried herring….. well they aren’t exactly known for their culinary culture.     IMG_4408 IMG_4305

10. If you haven’t noticed by now how much I love books and libraries. I had to see Gunnar Asplund’s beautiful library designed in an architecture style called “Swedish grace”.IMG_4546

Stockholm is a perfect backdrop for instagram lovers. I didn’t take enough photos while busy enjoying the moments (and of course take hands in and out of gloves was a bother.


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